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Hello, I am Kathy!

I am happy you made it this far, that must be a good thing. So I guess this is where I spend a little time telling you about me. This is strange but here I go...

I love to travel, really and do often even for weddings. I have a daughter Stella James, who is pretty much the coolest person I know (check out photo).  

I created KTP in NYC while working for LVMH before relocating to Orlando where I made KTP come to life.  I grew up in Wyoming went to college in Tennessee and lived the longest of my life in NYC (whoa almost out of breath on that one).

My time off is filled with travel, we dive and love hotel life, my husband and I. My favorite domestic cities are NYC, Santa Barbara and NOLA; international favs are Brussels, Caye Caulker, Belize and Barcelona. I married my husband in an ocean front villa celebration in Puerto Vallarta, best decision ever. I love jazz, wine and cheese and often all together.  

I am crazy in love with weddings, traditions, families, details that tell a story and my couples. I decided to start KTP because I thought  when I leave earth  I wanted to be remembered as someone who preserved a persons history. I wanted to know that their wedding photos would be in silver frames on mantels and that their kids and kids kids would relive the dream of their wedding day through the images I capture for them. Also after years of being a director in luxury retail I wanted to be surrounded by love.

I feel it is an honor to be invited to capture a couples wedding and so I keep the number of weddings I do limited to ensure my couples have an outstanding experience. I am a photographer who loves to capture weddings, I am not a wedding photographer; quality vs quantity is what I believe in.

So you probably have figured this out but I am in Love with Love.

So who are my clients you may ask?

They are couples who have the same beliefs I do...

They  respect the loyalty, commitment and faith two people enter upon with marriage. They love weddings because they symbolize the journey between two people falling in love. They want to cherish the intimate details and emotion that represents their wedding day and want to remember it forever.

My couples invest in me the way I invest in them. My couples love how I capture not only their beautiful details but all the candid and meaningful moments that take place during their celebration. My clients are truly just awesome and in love couples who believe in investing in quality and an overall experience. 

My wedding photography is timeless, poetic, meaningful and emotional.  I get a lot of my influence from years in fashion and a passion for love. I believe in capturing emotion and moments vs posing and awkward remakes (though I do your tradition family portraits too, Grandma needs something for her walls too).

I feel your wedding images should be the piece of your wedding that doesn't get dated and go out-of-style based on the photographer following the current trend of editing style and they should evoke emotion in you when viewing them.

Awkward about me and KTP done...

Thank you for taking time to get to know me and a bit about KTP. I hope to see you at your wedding!

Love Kathy

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